The Story
by FANG is inspired by the story of its founder Fang Yang. It personifies the adventure of a cosmopolitan designer, born and raised in China, who built her personal life in Paris and found her inspiration by looking at her roots from a contemporary, multi-cultural point of view. Fang’s decision to settle in France at age 24 was a key milestone in her life. In her own words, "I was reborn as a new person, with new tastes and new ideas ". It was the starting point of her creative journey, graduating from ESMOD to crafting by FANG’s first collections in her Parisian studio.
In 2013, Fang returned to Shanghai to establish by FANG’s main atelier and showroom.
by FANG’s creative universe
Origami, Fang Yang’s longtime passion, naturally blossomed as an essential component of by FANGs DNA to now stand as a unique signature. Beyond the oriental artistic root, origami symbolizes by FANG’s creative universe of imagination, volume and architecture. 
To deliver her promise of femininity and sensuality, Fang gradually set her own and personal definition of elegance, rich yet minimal, recognized by connoisseurs eager for genuine fashion encounters. In Fang's intimate thoughts, being a designer is not about trying to set the next trend... A truly happy and radiant woman is not fighting, pretending or hiding to protect who she really is, but being sweet, at peace and self-confident. 
Fang's creations inspire a woman to reveal and feel herself, true and sensual.