Fall / Winter 17
FW17 collection captures a contemporary twist on the sophistication and creative playfulness of the Art Deco era. In a progressive cycle of evolution, the timeless refinement of silk blouses and soft cocoon coats transitions to the modern expressions of geometric prints and multidimensional embellishments. The sensual and feminine elegance blends cohesively with masculine tailored silhouettes to showcase the beautiful complexity of an independent woman.
Spring / Summer 17
SS17 collection is inspired by the rich artistic heritage of the Southern Spain region. The collection explores the abundant natural and architectural diversities of the meridional Iberian Peninsula, home to centuries-old cultural phenomenas. A combination of warm colors, yellow and pink shine harmoniously with black and white shades. Flamenco inspired ruffles dresses, intriguing striped coats and multi layered silk blouses associate to signature origami ornaments in a festive, arty yet contemporary elegant identity.
Fall / Winter 16
FW16 collection illustrates the metropolitan skyline in contrast of natural landscape, through development of texture and patterns. 
The combination of Organic-infused fabric, impeccably composed geometric pleats, and a series of colors sings the melody of the city.  Integrated with by FANG's signature origami design and feminine silhouette, the collection expresses the many roles of a modern woman.    
Spring / Summer 16
S/S 16 collection is inspired by Karen Blixen in ‘Out of Africa’.
It captures the spiritual journey and quest for liberty of an exceptional woman. Elegance and feminine natural beauty is echoed with delicate silk and signature origami ornaments, while bright red, blue and exotic prints mirror the wild environment and profound passion.
“The real glory of dreams lies in their atmosphere of unlimited freedom.” 
Karen Blixen - 'Out of Africa' 
Fall / Winter 15
fw 2015 collection unveils a collage inspired, creative universe of geometric shapes. Multidimensional, dark and colorful spread apart brittle pieces gracefully re-assemble. 
Finesse and elegance playfully associate with metropolitan architecture in an ode to woman’s multifaceted strength and femininity.
Spring / Summer 15
ss 2015 collection explores the quintessential expression of life; it sparkles with a fresh, blossoming attitude. 
An alluring mix of patterns, dots, stripes and wearable transparency plays in harmony with by FANG’s signature origami-inspired detailing and flourishing finesse.