With Fang’s ‘couture à porter’ philosophy and unique identity diffusing through out successive collections, a rising demand from early ambassadors led to introduce ATELIER by FANG.
From spontaneous ‘sur-mesure’ experiences to ceremonious special occasions, ATELIER by FANG comes as the ultimate expression of Fang’s motto: ‘Being a woman is a gift and every woman should be given the best and infinite care’. 
Fang, named by Newsweek as one of ‘5 faces of China ’, cultivates a craftsman mindset to carry on as the most essential component in her design. 
In order to fulfill her commitment of authenticity and exclusivity, Fang put an all time focus on building an independent fashion house with its own culture and the experience of a unique signature. 
ATELIER by FANG shines as the utmost definition of Fang’s meticulous refinement and true-to-detail approach which serves for every piece to be unique.
Available exclusively with private special appointements. 
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